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Sealy Quilted Plush 18 Pound Weighted Blanket - $40.50 (Reg. Price $120.00)


What if a blanket could do more than simply keep you warm at night? What if a blanket could reduce symptoms of anxiety and restlessness allowing you to wake up rested and rejuvenated? With the Sealy Weighted Blanket, you can get more from your blanket with a name and reputation for quality that you can trust. How does it work? A weighted blanket can maximize your relaxation while mimicking the experience of being hugged or held through gentle, even, pressure across the body. Reach a deeper and more restful sleep and reduce symptoms of anxiety and tension while feeling more grounded. The Sealy Weighted Blanket provides all of these great benefits and delivers the quality construction and luxurious experience that Sealy is known for. Fall asleep fast, sleep soundly, and wake rested and refreshed.

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