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Scotts Foundation Soil Conditioner 5000 sq ft 25 lb

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Strong soil is the foundation for a great lawn. Use Scotts Foundation Soil Improver to help strengthen and improve your soil to give your lawn a solid base. Scotts Soil Foundation Soil Improver contains natural ingredients that can help reduce soil compaction, boost water and retention, as well as support improved soil quality. Okay to use with all grass and soil types–in lawns and gardens. Apply with a Scotts broadcast, rotary, drop or Wizz spreader. Apply in the spring to prepare for the growing season or in the fall for overseeding or aeration.



  • Naturally works to reduce soil compaction, boost water and nutrient retention, and support microbial activity.
  • Scotts Foundation Soil Improver can be used in your lawn on all grass types and in gardens
  • Contains natural ingredients to strengthen your lawn’s soil.
  • Apply in spring to improve soil before the growing season.
  • Apply in fall to improve soil conditions for overseeding and aeration.

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